The Blue Concept

La Pequeña

355 ml / 12 oz.

La Mediana

650 ml / 22 oz.

Super Blú

1050 ml / 35.5 oz

Metal Blue

473 ml / 16 oz

Metal Blue

473 ml / 16 oz

La Light

12 / 22 oz.

The Premium Manifesto

Today, things are not as good as always. Today we are united to the world and see the life of another color. We demand more. We want more. We need more. In this world, things are changing. Because everytime, each of us wants to be better, want the best. And while there are things that have spent their entire life with us, it's time to change them. We do not want the same thing because we are not equal. Each of us is different. Each of us is today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today. Each of us is Premium.


Benedicta, S. A. was created in 2005 with a vision of constant innovation in the beverage market. Our products has been successful in the Dominican Republic market, obtaining a position in the consumer's mind. Now, we are exploring sales in new markets over the world. New consumers in the planet are living the Benedicta Experience.

  • Mision


    Produce goods and services that bring growth and diversity to the Dominican Republic’s economy, satisfying consumers and international new generation; the time when, as a company, we become a source of work is constantly expanding, exploring business sectors where we can capitalize on our investment from a sharp vision on the global markets.

  • Vision

    Place, with all our efforts, to Benedicta, S. A., as a force for innovation within the regional and global competitive spectrum in the medium term. Produce and market alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, aimed to raise new global consumer choice and positioning our brands solidly on these classes of business worldwide.

  • Company Values

    • Innovation.
    • Creativity.
    • Commitment.
    • Trendsetter.

  • Benedicta Story Case

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Benedicta Premium

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Phone 809 695 9898
Carretera Mella Km. 13, Hainamosa, Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic